Our Values

Our values form a framework that runs through everything we do as a church.  They bring strength, security and direction, and help to determine church culture.  They are a vital part of our DNA.
  • We value personal relationship with God, through faith in Christ.
  • We value personal and intentional growth to spiritual maturity in the grace of God.
  • We value prayer as a two-way conversation with God, which nurtures our relationship with him.
  • We value the Bible as the written word of God to us, the heart and foundation of our teaching and equipping.  The message of the Bible is timeless and true for every generation and should be communicated in a culturally relevant manner.
  • We value the church meeting together regularly as one body and in small groups for worship, prayer, equipping and fellowship.
  • We value the presence and power of God seen in signs, wonders, healing, miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit, glorifying Jesus and building his church.
  • We value the church as the body of Christ, one body with many individually and uniquely gifted parts which builds itself up in love as each part does its work.
  • We value all people as uniquely made in the image of God and loved by him, endeavouring to treat every person with acceptance, respect, dignity and significance.
  • We value Jesus’ commission to the church to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.

Saturday 23 February
9:00amWork Party @ Liberty Centre, Pitreavie Way, Dunfermline
Sunday 24 February
11:00amChurch Together @ Queen Anne High School, Broomhead Park,
Saturday 2 March
No Work Party Today @ Liberty Centre, Pitreavie Way, Dunfermline
Sunday 3 March
11:00amChurch Together @ Queen Anne High School, Broomhead Park,

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