Liberty Ministry Training

Liberty Ministry Training is the training wing of Liberty Church, in co-operation with Artios Ministries.

It includes a modular diploma course, of which the modules are available separately, together with a growing list of additional modules.

These modules are taught live in Dunfermline.  The additional modules may be rolled out as correspondence courses as they are available.

The modules are separated into three subject divisions, namely Bible, Theology and Practical Ministry, and are listed under the corresponding tabs on the left.

Next module:
Sunday 17 December
11:00amChurch Together @ Queen Anne High Schoool
Sunday 24 December
6:00pmCarols by Candlelight @ Liberty Centre
Tuesday 26 December
10:30amBoxing Day Walk @ Deep Sea World, North Queensferry
Sunday 31 December - Monday 1 January
8:00pmHogmanay at the Wylies @ Gregor's barn

 Recent Teaching 
Luke: Never Lose The Wonder
Jon Farrimond, 10/12/2017
Luke: Advent Prayer
Stan Lyth, 03/12/2017
Luke: In The Storm
George Alexander, 26/11/2017
Luke: Power Encounter
George Alexander, 19/11/2017
Luke: Thorns And Fruit
John Stevens, 12/11/2017
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