Giving FAQs

FAQ down What is "tithing"?

FAQ up What is an "offering"?

An offering can simply be anything we give.  But more specifically an offering, or free will offering, is anything given over and above the tithe.  Offerings in this sense are sacrificial.  They represent money we choose to give above the baseline of tithes that we could perfectly validly spend on ourselves.

The old joke says, "When is a door not a door?"  The answer is, "when it is ajar."  Similarly, we could ask, "when is an offering not an offering?"  This time the answer is, "when we don't tithe."  Suppose you have a bill from a utility company for say £150.  You decline to pay the bill, but send them an offering of £30 as a "gift in appreciation".  They would not accept the gift as a gift; rather they would deduct it from the £150 bill and calculate that you now owe them £120.  In the same way, an offering is not an offering when you don't tithe.   Less ...

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