Bible Reading Plan

The Bible is clearly very important for our faith, yet surprisingly many Christians neglect it.  It is good to read the Bible on a daily basis, and to do so in a planned way.  Reading the whole Bible is a worthwhile challenge to embrace, although it may seem a daunting prospect at the outset.  Once that challenge has been conquered, reading the whole Bible regularly is a worthwhile practice to follow.

A Bible-Reading Plan is of great assistance in these matters, and a good Plan is available here.  It is based on reading between three and five chapters each day.  By following this plan for a whole year, we will read the entire Old Testament once, and the New Testament twice.
The plan may be downloaded here.  Print page 1 for a single-sided pin-up version.  Print pages 1 and 2 double-sided for a pamphlet version.
Liberty Church Reading Plan